Dear All,

For your info, below are details of future events and branch fundraising appeal.

You will be aware the Conductor fraternity relies heavily on the continued support from the Corps, serving Conductors and branch members. In the main, this support covers two very important areas, namely, moral support and financial support.

Whilst the Corps has continually provided moral support, financial support is sadly on a downward slide, and when coupled with increasing food costs, resulting from the recent introduction of PAYD (Pay As You Dine) and increased accommodation charges, they all add up to one-thing, bigger bills. You will appreciate my real concerns over our future finances. Regrettably, the decision to postpone holding the Conductor branch AGM in Cyprus has been taken, please note, postponed, and not cancelled.

And now for the good news, a solution to our financial affairs has been found. Details of this unique fundraising opportunity can be seen below. In a nutshell, you, your family and friends in the UK could all save money, and the branch would benefit from an ongoing monthly income, which, if all members take advantage of, could provide an annual income of almost £5k. This then is one of those rare occasions where, our success and ability to achieve is in our own hands.


The Conductor branch has recently joined a new fundraising scheme, and are hoping that everyone else who shares our interest in the future of the branch will participate as well. The scheme is administered by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, which is part of Telecom plus PLC, a major UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Utility Warehouse provides over 200,000 residential and business customers throughout the UK with everyday utilities such as phone, internet, mobile phone, electricity and gas. They guarantee their services will always be competitively priced against other suppliers; and most customers who switch make a substantial savings compared to their current suppliers. They also produce a convenient single monthly bill for all your utilities. Details at:

When you join the Utility Warehouse, they will donate up to 5% of your monthly bill to the Conductor branch, for as long as you remain a customer. I’m sure you can appreciate what a significant and reliable income this will generate, especially if all of us take part. Joining the Utility Warehouse is straightforward. You can call them, for free, on 0800 1313000 and they will talk you through the process. Please give them our branch appeal number, B61182, to make sure your donations come to us.

The transfer process is simple – it all takes place over the telephone. No-one visits your home, and you receive the same gas, electricity and phone services through the same pipes and wires.

Please join the scheme. It will make a tremendous difference to the Conductor branch.

How much can be saved? Well to give you an idea, have a look at what steph and I are able to save by transferring to Utility Warehouse.


Previous Suppliers
(cost per Month)
Utility Warehouse Discount Club
(cost per month)
Revised Annual Savings

Scottish Power –
Gas & Electric

£76.00 £50.00 £312.00
BT Line Rental £11.75 Free £141.00
Sky Broadband £15.90 £19.99 - £ 49.08
Sky Talk £5.00 Free £60.00
Totals £108.90 £79.99 £463.92


PS – the Utility Warehouse will not tie you in to a minimum term contract (except for some mobile phones) – so if you’re not happy, you can leave at any time. Why not try it for 3 months!

So...... How much could the branch benefit?

When you join the Utility Warehouse as a customer, they will pay up to 5% of your monthly utility bill directly into the branch bank account, every month. It’s as simple as that. An example of just how much we could raise in the coming months is shown in the table below. Clearly this level of income will make a difference to what the Conductor branch can achieve in the future.

Number of branch members transferring to UWDC
Potential branch monthly income, based on averaged monthly utility bill of £100.00.
Potential branch annual income
1 £5.00 £60.00
10 £50.00 £600.00
40 £200.00 £2,400.00
80 £400.00 £4,800.00

Best regards,

Dave Patterson

Tel: 01304 800491
Mob: 0796472810