The RLC Conductors Parchment Ceremony 2001

This page holds details and pictures of the Annual Conductors Parchment Ceremony when newly appointed Conductors receive their Parchment. As well as a potted history of the Appointment, the Parchment gives details of the individual and the date and place of the appointment. You can see the text of the Parchment here

The first 'Parchment Day was held on 14 Jun 2001 at The Princess Royal Barracks in Deepcut, Surrey, UK

Recipients were:

Back Row: WO1(Cdr) McLearman, WO1(CDR) Smith, WO1(Cdr) Wyatt, WO1(Cdr) Coyle, WO1(Cdr) Mapp, WO1(Cdr) Westhead, WO1(Cdr) Nock

Middle Row: WO1(Cdr) Thompson, WO1(Cdr) Fletcher, WO1(Cdr) Humphrey, WO1(Cdr) Fielding, WO1(Cdr) Goddard, WO1(Cdr) Bridgewood

Front Row: WO1(Cdr) Patterson, WO1(Cdr) Hobbins, Col KN Tutt OBE ADC, Brig T Dalby-Welsh ADC, WO1(RLCM) Bruce, WO1(Cdr) Holdsworth, WO1(Cdr) J Roberts

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