RAAOC Plans to reintroduce the Conductor Appointment

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From: Peter
To: mike.coyle@btinternet.com
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 3:41 AM
Subject: Conductor-RAOC

Dear Mike,

I obtained your contact details from the RLC Conductor website. I am the Australian Representative, Honorary Colonel of the RAAOC. The Australian Chief of Army has given approval for RAAOC to reinstitute the appointment of Conductor, lapsed since the 1950s. No records exist of the wording in the parchments presented to recipients.

I would be most grateful to receive the parchment wording currently used by RAOC/RLC to assist in the drafting of an Australian equivalent.

Yours sincerely,
To The Warrior, His Arms
Brig. Peter J. Bray AM (Rtd)
Rep. Hon. Col. RAAOC


My Reply -

From: Mike Coyle
To: Peter
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2005 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: Conductor-RAOC

Peter, apologies for delay, I've been working away from home.

I trust you enjoyed the site. its been a labour of love for about 4 years now.

Its really good news that you intend reinstating the Appointment and of course future Conductors will inherit the heritage and history. I know the Canadians still use the appointment. There is a link to a document on the links page on the website.

Thanks for alerting me to an error on the site!! There is a transcription and photo of the Parchment on the site. If you click on the 'Parchment' button you should get a copy of the Parchment on the screen. At the bottom of the page you can click on another link that gives you the transcription. Just to be sure I have attached it to this message.

I will pass your email to the Senior Conductor, WO1 (Cdr) David Patterson RLC.

If you think I can help in anyway further don't hesitate to contact me. And when there is a formal announcement, please allow me to include a write up on the site.

Very best regards, Mike Coyle
(Past Conductor) WebMaster


Reply from WO1(Cdr) D Patterson RLC, Senior Conductor

Dear Brig Peter,

What great news this is, the reinstatement of the Conductors appointment into the Australian Army, fantastic!

Mike Coyle is correct when, in his earlier e-mail he points out that I am the Senior Conductor, a honour which I have held since Nov 02. In accordance with Queens Regulations the appointment of Conductor RLC is the most senior appointment available to soldiers in the British Army.

Although appointed Conductor in 1997, I was forced to wait until Nov 02, when I took over as the Senior Conductor, before being able to review and introduce the much needed changes to the modern Conductors appointment. Some of the more eye catching changes being the introduction of; the Annual Conductors Reunion Diner Night, Parchment Ceremony, (with HRH) and more recently the formation of the Conductors Association. All of these events take place in May / Jun each year, maybe some or all of your Conductors would be able to join in the fun, no doubt we can talk more on this during the months ahead.

There are a number of other issues relating to the appointment which I am looking at right now.

1. Reviewing the current selection criteria for the appointment.
2. Defining a relevant role for the modern Conductor.
3. Making Conductors trade champions.
4. Identifying relevant high profile posts and locations for Conductors
5. Continual edification of the appointment to the rest of the RLC and wider Army.

Once again brilliant news and If I can be of any assistance, no matter how small, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Yours Aye

Conductor Dave Patterson

"We Sustain"
The Royal Logistic Corps
Dave Patterson
Senior Conductor
Dettengen House
Princess Royal Barracks
Surrey GU16 6RW
tel: 94214 5757
fax: 01252 833450