Branch Formation

1.                  The Conductors’ Branches of The RLC Association has been established to meet the needs of the membership, with the main impetus coming from the members.  Unlike other branches of the RLC Association which may be regional, the Conductors’ branch covers both the UK and overseas.  The branch is not in direct competition with  other branch of one of the Forming Corps.   A quorum of 15 full members of The RLC Association is required before a branch can be established, including a minimum of six willing to serve as Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and committee members.  The branch membership meets this requirement.

2.                  Before the branch could be established sponsorship of RHQ The RLC had to be sought.  We were then given two years in which to set up and prove ourselves viable.   The branch will have successful completed the two year probation period on 24th  September 2007.   Fom this date the branch will be expected to be self-sufficient and self-administering. 

3.                  Should there come a time when the branch may disband for whatever reason, it must do so at the discretion of RHQ The RLC, after consultation with the branch committee.


4.                  The purpose of branch is to:

a.             Provide a comradeship focus and source of entertainment for branch members.
b.            Edify the Ancient and Honourable Appointment of Conductor.
c.             Promote the Objectives of The RLC Association


5.                  Full membership is available to all commissioned, retired and serving Conductors, both regular and Territorial Army.  Such members have full voting rights in the conduct of branch business.

6.                  Honoray membership is available to all Sub Conductors.

7.                  Cancellation or refusal of membership is a matter for the RLC Association Trustees.   The branch committee will investigate such cases and submit a detailed report to RHQ The RLC for a decision.

8.                  A registers of branch membership is submitted to RHQ The RLC annually as at 1st January and changes as they occur.   The register includes membership number, name and initials, date of joining and subscription details.  


9.                  Branch subscriptions have recently been introduced to meet the needs of the membership.   The RHQ the RLC are content that the branch is a viable organisation and have purchase and donate a branch standard.  

10.              The branch accounts are available for inspection by RHQ The RLC at any time.   Balance sheets and Statements of Account are independently audited annually, as at 31st December, and submitted to RHQ The RLC by 1st March each year.  This will be the first year the branch will do this.

11.              On disbandment of a branch any surplus funds and property of the branch, including the branch standard, will be handed over to RHQ The RLC and become absolute property of the Association.

Branch Management

12.              Formation.        As the branch Chairman I have taken on the responsibility establishing the branch and overseeing the election of a branch committee.  

13.              Annual General Meeting (AGM).       The branch AGM normally takes place in September and includes:

a.                   Minutes of the last meeting.
b.                  Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report.
c.                   Election to the committee.
d.                  Business of the branch.

16.       Branch Officials.           The following branch officials are elected each year and changes to incumbents passed to RHQ The RLC as they occur.

            a.         President.        The president is Major General Malcolm Wood CBE
            b.         Chairman.        The chairman is the chief executive of the branch and presides at the annual and general meetings of the branch and at all
committee meetings.   When unavailable the Treasurer will deputise.
            c.         Secretary.         The Secretary is responsible for carrying out the instructions given by his committee; seeing that regular meetings of the branch and committee are held, to keep proper minutes of meetings, to ensure that notices of such meetings is properly given and to attend to all correspondence.   He is also responsible for maintaining the branch register of members.
            d.         Treasurer.         The Treasurer is responsible for receiving, holding, dispensing and accounting for branch monies.   The treasurer is responsible for maintaining funds in a bank account to which there are two signatories on the account.

17.       Branch Funds.  Branch funds are to be administered by branch committee for the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.  They may not be used for non-members.  All expenditure authorised must be recorded in branch minutes.   Subscriptions to branch funds are to be collected and recorded by the Treasurer and levels are to be agreed by the branch membership.