Articles, Features & Essays on the Honourable and Ancient Appointment of Conductor RLC

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RLC Corps Instruction for Appointment of Conductors

The Modern Day Conductor
by Mike Coyle

A Train Called 'Conductor'
by Dennis Bradley

 My Army:WO1 (Cdr) Mike Hobbins
by Ray Routledge

The Ancestry of the Royal Logistic Corps
by Mike Comerford, RAOCOnline

A History of the Ancient and Honourable Appointment of Conductor
Adapted by Mike Comerford

 The History of Conductor of Stores and his Badge of Appointment
by Mike Comerford

 The Honourable and Ancient Appointment of Conductor, RLC
by John McKenzie

 A Trying Occasion:  An account of the Indian Mutiny
by Major P.J. Shute  RAOC

 On being appointed – the First RLC Conductor?
by Philip Skawski

An Uncouth Conductor?
an extract from ' Redcoat' by Prof Richard Holmes, submitted by Dennis Bradley with permission of the Author

A Note about my Father: Charles Henry Train
by Charles Train

Conductors in the Crusades!
by W.L. Cunningham, BA(Hons) History, M.Phil. Former Conductor RAOC

Conductors in Uniform
An extract from 'Crown Imperial'

The 'Conductor James Miller VC' Scrapbook
A collection of information in PDF format

10596411 BOY E. J. SEARLE. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. by Jim Searle

'History of the Parchment and Ceremony'
by Dennis Bradley

Letter Renaming Conductors and A History of the Appointment
by Retired Conductor RJ White RAOC, transcribed by Mike Comerford, transcribed for the web by Mike Coyle

Nelsons Funeral Cortège featured Conductors
Transcribed extract from ‘The Times’ of 10th January 1806, reporting Nelsons funeral. Submitted by Bob White, Dec 07.

'For the Record'
an Extract from the RAOC Gazette, May 1987. Submitted by John Giles

'To The Warrior His Arms'
An account of service in the Far East. by Bob LeVaillant

'Land Below the Wind'
A travelogue, a return to Borneo, by Bob LeVaillant

'Chef Conductors'
by Mike Coyle

Seniority: A historical perspective.
an article from 'Soldier' from 1987.

New Article: Military Stores Department in New Zealand 1857-1870

ALSO take a look at: 
‘The General’ a novel by Patrick Coogan, published in 1993 by Sinclair-Stevenson.  It’s a ‘ripping yarn about the defeat of the Provisional IRA.  The hero of the book is a career woman Officer whose efforts are supported by Warrant Officer 1 Conductor Caldwell, a man of huge resource and capability.  A good holiday read.

A great account of the role of Conductors in the American War of Independence in ‘Supplying Washingtons Army’, by Erna Risch first published in 1979.  Find it at:

Details of Pay for Conductors at

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