About this Website

In 2000, I was appointed 'Conductor'. At that time I had served 25 years in the 'Territorial Army', the UK's Reserve Army. I had heard of the 'Appointment' but knew nothing of it; it's significance; it's origins and history; nor its role as the most senior Non-Commissioned Officer appointment in the British Army. The appointment was an Ordnance Corps one, to ensure that the British Empire's artillery was never short of ammunition. Its senior position to any other, ensured that nothing got in the way of that mission.

The role within the Royal Logistic Corps since 1993, has been to provide example, leadership and direction within the Corps trades.

I determined to find out as much as I can, from within the Conductor Community and without it. This website is the result of years of painstaking research by me and many others, with contributions from serving and ex-Conductors and from the families of past Conductors. The information is contains is drawn from that research, from historical records and from official publications. There is no other record available of those who served and have served in the senior Appointment of Conductor.

Mike Coyle
Conductors Webmaster.
June 2000